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Welcome to the HEAL Well TeleClinic. My name is Christina Haas BSN, RN and I’m the Founder of HEAL Integrative Wellness. I am also a Clinical Research Nurse at the University of Pennsylvania, an Integrative Nurse Coach, as well as a Cannabis Therapeutics Specialist, facilitating access to Cannabis and providing support and education for navigating dosing and optimal modes of ingestion.

Mother Nature Knows Best

Evolutionary success of a species is said to be gauged by the theory termed “Survival of the Fittest.” What so many are still unaware of is that this does not refer in any way to the strongest, but instead indicates those most resourceful and thus, adaptable to change are most likely to persist and flourish. Unless the circumstances are acute and dire, Nature often has an answer to what ails you. Nature is cyclical and fluid and so are we. As we feed it, so shall it flows. Nothing in nature blooms all year. Learning how to listen to my body and to honor her has been exhausting and most rewarding. Having trusted resources in my toolbox is often the deciding factor for my success and overall quality of life.

I have always known that I can’t speak for anyone else, but I deeply value autonomy and want to maintain as much control over my health and state of being as possible. Because of the winding path my own healing journey took due to chronic conditions, dangerous misdiagnoses, and inappropriate medications leading to necessary pharmaceutical tapering, I painstakingly learned to appreciate the power of Mother Nature’s healing properties and to harness her bounty to aid in managing my symptoms naturally, safely, and effectively across the mind – body – spirit continuum.

HEAL Well TeleClinic

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*For those seeking a more cost effective option for cannabis medicine, with home delivery service, and without requiring a medical card, I created HEAL Well at Home (

*For women seeking to reconnect with themselves on their own terms, I created HEALCRAVT (, a safe mind-body medicine product resource for healing on the deepest levels.