At HEAL, we believe that healing starts with feeling. We provide a safe and supportive environment for women to explore their emotions and connect with their inner selves. Our range of integrative wellness services is designed to address a variety of mental health concerns, including anxiety, depression, trauma, and addiction.

We understand that traditional approaches to mental health care may not work for everyone. That’s why we specialize in harm reduction, an approach that focuses on reducing the harmful effects of substance use rather than eliminating it altogether. We also use myco-medicine, the use of medicinal mushrooms, to help women recover from mental health issues.

But healing isn’t just about addressing the symptoms. It’s about reclaiming our truest selves. Through community, cannabis, and myco-medicine, we provide a space for women to connect with others who are on the same journey. Our community workshops, led by experienced practitioners in mind body methods such as reiki, sound healing, yoga, and meditation, help women explore different healing modalities and find what works for them.

At HEAL, we’re committed to destigmatizing the use of therapeutic cannabis and mushrooms for women’s mental health. We believe that everyone deserves access to integrative wellness services that work for them. Whether you’re looking to address a specific issue or simply seeking more balance in your life, we’re here to support you on your healing journey.
Our goal is to shift the conversation around mental health from one of shame and secrecy to one of openness and compassion. By creating a safe and non-judgmental space for women to heal, we hope to empower individuals to take control of their mental and emotional well-being.

So if you’re looking for a supportive community and holistic approach to healing, come join us at HEAL. Let’s explore the healing potential of cannabis, mushrooms, and community together. Let’s break the stigma surrounding mental health and embrace our authentic selves. Let’s cultivate a culture of healing and self-love.

HEAL Integrative Wellness is a women’s holistic recovery collective specializing in harm reduction, mental health advocacy, somatic trauma healing, and the reclamation of our truest selves through community, cannabis, and myco-medicine. We cohost local community healing events destigmatizing therapeutic cannabis and functional mushroom applications for women’s mental health, advocate for the sober curious movement, and collaborate with healing practitioners through mind body workshops. You have to feel to HEAL.


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